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About the Authors

lovettDr. Marsha Lovett
Chief Learning Scientist at Acrobatiq, Associate Vice Provost for Educational Innovation and Learning Analytics, Director, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation, Co-coordinator of The Simon Initiative, Professor of Psychology (Teaching), Carnegie Mellon University

Lovett studies how learning works (mostly in college-level courses) and then finds ways to improve it. She has done this in several disciplines, including physics, matrix algebra, programming, statistics, and engineering. She uses various methodologies in her research, including computational modeling, protocol analysis, laboratory experiments, and classroom studies. Through this work, she has developed several innovative, educational technologies to promote student learning and metacognition, including StatTutor (an intelligent tutoring system for statistics) and the Learning Dashboard (a learning analytics system that promotes adaptive teaching and learning in online instruction).

delahayAnita Delahay
Ph.D Student, Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University
M.Ed., Instructional Technology
M.A., Experimental Psychology

Delahay studies the application of cognitively-based learning principles in classroom contexts as a doctoral student at Carnegie Mellon, where she is a Fellow in the Program in Interdisciplinary Education Research. She has fifteen years of experience in online higher educational settings designing and implementing curriculum and instructional technologies.



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